Vitamin Infused Moisturizer

Vitamin Infused Moisturizer

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A serum-based formula is infused with an ultra rich vitamin complex to promote skin renewal. Our Vitamin Infused Moisturizer reverses early signs of aging, mature skin, environmental damage and dullness. It can be used for sensitive or acne-prone types to rid skin eruption in addition to smoothing out the surface. This serum is safe and effective for all skin types of all ages and is recommended as an essential part of a post clinical facial treatment.

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Directions for Use: After cleansing, rinse skin very thoroughly before applying both in the mornings and evenings as part of an age-defying and renewing skincare regimen. Apply generously over face, neck, and décolleté.

Key Ingredients: Grape Seed Extract, Beta Carotene, Geranium and Emu Oil.